About project

Project number: 159327-TEMPUS-1-AT-TEMPUS-SMGR
Duration of the project: 2010-2013
Sources of finance: TEMPUS IV
Co-ordinator: Fachhochschule Kärnten gemeinnützige Privatstiftung (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences), Austria

Objectives of the Project:

1. Give the system character to the internationalization processes of the universities’ educational programs on the basis of common commitment to quality and using of information technologies

2. Create international open virtual platform «E-Learning Int. Clearing house» on the basis of WEB 2.0 for cross-cultural communications in academic community and develop skills of international on-line project teamwork.

3. Improve the international teachers and students’ interaction in learning process using e-tools of internationalization in pilot courses.


1. Concept of virtual internationalization of education is elaborated and put into practice.
2. Open virtual platform «E-Learning Int. Clearing house» on the basis of WEB 2.0 technology is created.
3. Experience of internationalization e-tools using on the basis of pilot courses is generalized.
4. Dissemination
5. Sustainability
6. Quality Control and Monitoring
7. Management of the Project

Official project webpage: www.eicl.kharkiv.edu

Contact person: Andreas Pester
Fachhochschule Kärnten gemeinnützige Privatstiftung
Tel: +43 05 905002113